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Android OS Features:

What is Android?

Android OS is the hottest mobile phone platform in the current market, with it's share growing at a rapid pace, and handsets with the OS being touted across the web. It has been impressive how far Android has come in a relatively short time, and how well it has penetrated the market.


Android is often touted for its ability to run multiple apps at the same time. It provides a seamless experience running many tasks at the same time. The OS does a great job handling the resources each app needs as it is running, and it makes sure that any app running in the foreground gets the attention it deserves to provide a good user experience.

Android Apps

Andorid powered phones can enjoy the flexibility that is provided by the 100,000+ apps available for the Android market. All of these Apps are available at the online Android Market, many of them are free. The advantage of an app store is bringing apps into one central location, which makes it easier for customers to find them. The Android Marketplace is driven entirely by its consumers, so the best app is the one that succeeds - not the first one to reach the market. In addition, the Android Marketplace doesn't censor its apps, so the possibilities are truly endless. Android’s internal web browser is widely acclaimed for being one of the best Phone Browsers, and with features like pich-to-zoom, it truly is one of the best if not the best.

Truly Customisable User Interface

One of the key features Android has is a customizable home screen keeps active widgets right at your fingertips, always accesible and always visible - without having to launch an application first. There are widgets for just about every app in the Android Marketplace from playing music to checking the weather and keeping up to date on Facebook. With Android, all of that information can be displayed directly on your home screen, never more than a finger swipe away.

Choose Your Own Hardware

Since Android is an open platform, manufacturers have the freedom to pair it with any hardware they want. Obviously, available selections will vary by carrier, but still, the Android OS will always support a bigger range of hardware configurations than some of it's competitors. Android devices are available on every major cellular network so, no matter where you live, Android lets you pick the carrier that's best for you.

Make Your Phone, You!

Android lets you change more number of settings than any other OS in the market, that too much more faster and easier. Android lets you use widgets to manage your settings directly from your home screen - and for those lesser-used settings that might not have dedicated widgets, you can also create shortcuts on your home screen to take you directly to the setting you want to change. Plus, you can have a customised, Android based OS on your device as Android supports Custom ROMs.

Desktop and Social Integration

With Android providing Google Cloud integration, you can sync your Mobile device with your Desktop seamlessly. For being connected with the world, we use various technologies like, email for our messages, Flickr for our photos, Google Docs for our documents, and Facebook and Twitter for our social lives, Android offers the ability to integrate all of this natively. Your Gmail account can be automatically synchronized with your phone, photos taken with your phone can be automatically uploaded to Flickr, your phone can even be linked to your Facebook account and can sync your phone contacts with your Facebook friends - complete with profile images, email addresses, and phone numbers.